Whether for a simple business lunch or an elegant wedding reception, it is our pleasure to serve carefully prepared, beautifully presented gourmet cuisine that will impress even the most discriminating guests.

Lily Ruth Catering is named after my paternal grandmother, Lily Ruth Matlow, whose love of cooking and devotion to her family has provided me with an abundance of memories and instilled in me values that guide me through my life on a daily basis. Growing up in Cambridge with my grandparents living close by, my siblings and I would gather at their house several times a week where we would eat a meal that my grandmother had been preparing all day. Not only was it wonderful food that made these visits so memorable, but also an atmosphere of warmth and relaxation that made us forget any troubles of the day. My grandparents are not here today to share in my endeavours, so it is with pride that we named our business after my grandmother, to honour her love of cooking and the effort she put forward to always ensure that everyone was taken care of, and most importantly, well fed. I can think of no better way to celebrate her life than to cook from my heart and share the results with you and your guests.

We look forward to providing an outstanding experience for your corporate or private function, large or small.

Rachelle Matlow & Steven Allen
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